In artistic terms, Wodiczko and Bonder remind us, « the design of the Memorial originates from two fundamental actions, revelation and immersion, which together produce a deep experience with multiple strata, which will enable visitors to discover and interpret the diverse facets of a history which they believed to be familiar to them. » 

The Memorial is also a project to reclaim the banks of the Loire. By choosing a location in an area which had lost its function as the city’s port, and giving it an extremely symbolic purpose, the Memorial has created new traffic routes, placing memory at the heart of Nantes.

« This Memorial (…) has a dual perspective. On one side, it faces the city on the banks of the Loire estuary, a location which is marked, supported even, by colossal quays, interrupted at the points where the river has been filled. On the other side, it is linked to the sea, that vehicle of triangular trade (…) given that the main feature of Nantes’ geographical location is its inextricable link with the Loire, and the Atlantic beyond. The tides of the estuary lend an additional dynamic dimension to the design of the Memorial. »

Krzysztof Wodiczko and Julian Bonder