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Current Events National day of remembrance of the slave trade, slavery and the abolition of both 2013 10 Mai 2013

Carole Alston, Guest of Honor

After completing her studies in dance, drama and singing at the Howard University College of Fine Arts (Washington D.C.), Carole Alston found work in Switzerland and toured Europe. As a singer, Carole Alston expressed herself through different styles, loving classical music as much as she loved contemporary music, jazz, gospel and blues…
She settled in Vienna (Austria) 30 years ago and has been teaching dance and jazz singing at the school of the Vienna Opera and Ballet. Carole Alston is an internationally acclaimed performer. She also embodied the soul of Billie Holiday. She has recently gained recognition for her interpretation of Black Pearl Sings by Franck Higgins.
Her itinerary and sensitivity have made of her a defender of Human Rights.

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