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Current Events National day of remembrance of the slave trade, slavery and the abolition of both 2015 10 Mai 2015

Angela Davis, Guest of Honor of the City of Nantes

The City invited Angela Davis, the great Afro-American intellectual and activist and a major figure in the civil rights movement in the 1970s who remains deeply involved in the struggle against all forms of discrimination and for the abolition of prisons.

Professor emeritus at the University of Santa Cruz, the author of nine works, the most recent of which is The Meaning of Freedom, Angela Davis has fought for social justice for decades. As part of her work as an educator, she has always encouraged broad alliances for economic, racial and gender equality.

One of the central themes in Davis’ work are the social problems associated with incarceration and criminalization among communities most affected by poverty and racial discrimination. She draws on her own experience. Indeed, after being on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List in the 1970s, she was imprisoned for 18 months prior to her trial.

After contributing to the development of the notion of “prison industrial complex,” Angela Davis encouraged society to more seriously consider the possibility of a world without prisons and to build the abolitionist movement of the 21st Century.

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